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From large-scale exhibitions to conferences and small events, Showguider apps offer intuitive design and advanced features – helping you to maximize attendee engagement, garner event insights, and deliver an incredible overall experience. We bring the full potential of indoor location to event applications, taking navigation, networking and convenience to the next level.

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  • Touch the compass icon and the model zooms to your current location.

    The 3D model helps visitors get their bearings instantly. Waypoints mean they keep their eyes on the show, not their phone. No more struggling with paper maps or hard-to-use 2D floorplans with booth numbers and no context.

  • Set keywords and hashtags to filter social media posts on our Media Wall. Visitors can post straight from the app.

    Continually updated, completely controllable. Relevant social media posts are captured and re-rendered within the application.

  • Location brings networking capabilities to a new level.

    AI algorithms determine your best matches. Swipe left or right to ignore or connect. Be alerted when a contact is present at the same seminar, conference or function room. Invite your matches to connect, accept or dismiss invitations, chat/messaging. *Image shows Grip integration

  • Dynamic Personalisation

    App adapts to user types – you can show VIPs special menu items, for example. Attendees can save events and exhibitors to a personal schedule, or contacts to their in-device contact list.

  • Floating Schedule View

    Searchable schedule: Tap to access event information, see speaker profiles, add to personal schedule, or navigate to event location.

  • No Wi-Fi or Cellular Data, No Problem

    All main functions including indoor location work offline.Networking and communication features may require internet access. App is updated in the background when net connection is detected.

  • Targeted push notifications

    Keep your attendees & exhibitors informed with targeted push notifications or in-app announcements. Granular filters ensure messages reach the right recipients.

  • In-App Polling

    Attendees can respond to surveys or live-vote on questions for the speaker.

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Real 3D venue model

Our intuitive 3D venue models mean visitors can jump right in and explore your event – tap on anything to get the latest information, from exhibitor profiles and meeting agendas to restaurant menus. Our flexible models are real 3D (not extruded 2.5D), and every aspect can be updated on-the-fly with background updating.

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Award-Winning Indoor Location Technology

Our proven indoor positioning system is the product of a decade of careful research and testing. For visitors, navigating your event is quick and easy with real-time routing (no more booth numbers to remember and find), while networking/matchmaking can show where your matches or contacts are. Exhibitors can boost qualified booth traffic and receive data-rich reports on visitor activity that lead to higher ROI. For organisers, our system brings unique revenue opportunities and greater in-depth monitoring than ever before.

Innovation with Purpose

SG apps deliver new revenue opportunities for organisers, engaging experiences for visitors, and an unprecedented level of data for exhibitors.

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Dedicated CMS Portals

Our web-based Content Management System makes it easy to populate your event app and keep visitors up-to-date. We also provide a dedicated CMS for exhibitors to manage their profiles, schedule push notifications and target relevant buyers with special offers when they approach the booth. And much more besides.

Turn-By-Turn Navigation

Built on a decade of R&D, our system is robust, cost-effective and proven in the field. Showguider’s patented technology won the indoor positioning world championships in 2014, requires no fingerprinting or expensive hardware and is future-proofed for a variety of upcoming location technologies.

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What our clients say

  • Testimonial
    Showguider provided us with a visitor application with all the features we needed at short notice. The indoor navigation technology was installed overnight and was very well received by exhibitors and visitors alike.
    Kent Daniels / DWTC Digital Marketing